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Away, but not lost.

July 14, 2013

One of the difficulties of being an author that writes non-fiction is doing the research. True, fiction writers have the same challenge, but often they can use data that already exists. In my case, since I write about personal experiences, ones that are somewhat recent, I have to go out and “have” the experience.

I’m currently doing just that, and have been since the beginning of May. Jane and I started off on a cross county bicycle ride across Spain, from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela. It went okay for about 500 miles (800 km) and then she had a crash. Her knee needed twenty-plus stitches and she was told she wouldn’t be able to ride her bike for at least a month or more. She could walk just fine, so we shipped the bikes home and are now walking around Europe.

Jane has been keeping an excellent blog on our adventures at:

Thus far, we have hiked across Portugal on the Portuguese Camino, about 600 km and now we’re in England. We walked about a week on the South West Coast Path, in Cornwall. The scenery there is stunning and I hope to one day come back and hike the whole 1000 km. Another book, who knows?

Anyway, this short update is to inform you that I am still alive and will return by mid-October or so with more data and research information to fuel more books. I’m investigating my Dad’s adventures over here during World War II. He was in the 82nd and 101st Paratrooper divisions and I’m finding it is quite a story. He would have been 100 years old this year.

Stay tuned.


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