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Publishing your book and Toastmasters.

May 6, 2012

Toastmasters International is generally understood to be an organization where people go to learn about public speaking. Actually, it is much more than that. It is also about leadership development and personal growth.

I had the pleasure of giving a presentation at a forum on 5 May, at the District 47 Toastmasters Conference here in Sarasota, Florida. The conference was well attended, with some 450 Toastmasters from all over Florida, the Bahamas (which is part of District 47) and a few international attendees as well.

My forum was titled: The Book Inside You: Taking your speech to the next level. The focus of my forum was taking ideas and material used to give a speech and using that subject matter to create a published article or book. The forum was very well attended, there was seating for 65, they ended up bringing in ten more chairs and there about twenty people standing. Needless to say, a public speaker appreciates such an enthusiastic audience!

I opened by holding up a slide-rule and asking if anyone recognized what it was. A number of hands went up. I explained, as I have elsewhere in this blog that in a few short years time, the slide-rule disappeared, to be replaced by the electronic calculator. Next, I covered how, six-hundred years ago, the monks and scribes that were laboriously hand writing books in very small quantities were replaced by Gutenberg’s printing press. Prior to that, only kings, queens and churches could afford book, within twenty years a billion books had been printed, the masses were now reading!

During the rest of the presentation I covered my discovery of and POD, and the wonderful readership I’ve found in the eReaders, especially the Kindle audience. We quickly covered basic book formatting and I gave them a handout sheet with links to the various topics we covered.

Unfortunately, time ran out and we didn’t get to discuss the marketing side of things—maybe next year.

If you’re an author, share what you’ve learned about writing and publishing. Start here, on this forum, leave a comment and then go put something together for YOUR local book club or library. Spread the word, there has never been a better time in history to be an author.

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