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What The Indies Are Doing These Days

December 7, 2011

Anyone that reads this writers blog knows that I’m a proponent of authors helping each other. Actually, I’m in favor of people helping people in all walks of life. We’re all in this (life) together, why not try to get along and help each other?

Competition can be a healthy thing, but taken to the extreme, it rarely is. Monopolies, wars, genocide, and slavery are good examples of competition taken to the extreme. Sports, science fairs, bicycle racing, Mom and Pop businesses and Indie artists are all examples of “good” competition. Hopefully, a few of your favorite writers, musicians and movie makers are “indie,” if they’re not, I suggest you take another look at what the indies are doing these days.

Today I Tweeted:

Of the last 10 #Kindle books I’ve read, 6 were free, and four of those were excellent, 2 were awful. Check the free 1’s

For those that are not yet on Twitter, here is a translation:

“Of the last ten Kindle books I’ve read, six were free and four of those were excellent, two were awful. Check out the free one’s at Kindle Daily Nation Free Books

It was inspired by another blog I was reading about indie works. The link in the tweet takes the reader to the Kindle Nation web site for free Kindle books. Elizabeth Parker, who has posted here previously, had an entry in her blog that I thought very prescient and succinct. It related directly to the free books one finds for the Kindle.

When I first started reading on the Kindle, I avoided the free books. My thinking was, “If they’re free, they are probably worth what one pays for them: nothing!” I was so wrong. As is seen in the Tweet above, I’ve read six free books on Kindle. True, two were garbage and not worth the pixels they’re displayed on, but four were worth my reading time and one was fabulous.

The authors that put out their work for free are usually “seeding” the reading marketplace. The book is free for a limited time and then once the free copy has created some buzz and brought some reviews, they then put a price on the book. For example, the book I really enjoyed was YOU’VE GONE TO FAR THIS TIME SIR, by Danny Bent. Danny gets his next teaching job in India and his current class convinces him he should ride there from England. I’ll let you read the reviews if you’re interested, but the point here is I couldn’t put down this indie book. It now sells for $0.99, a bargain!

Another book that was free is SOUTHBOUND, by the Barefoot Sisters. The paper version is a huge work and the Kindle version is now selling for $14.82. It is another Appalachian Trail story and a great read. They do have a publisher, but most of their work borders on indie.

Take a look at Elizabeth Parker’s commentary on her blog, CHATTER BUTTERFLY, it is interesting and informative and I think nails down where the indie writers are today. While you’re at it, check out her books, especially if you love dogs (just don’t tell your cat!).


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