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Author Interview of Dennis R. Blanchard by David Wisehart at Kindle Author

December 3, 2011

David Wisehart, at Kindle Author, did a great interview at his blog site. David Wisehart is a writer, director, and producer living in Los Angeles. Succinct questions, and thoughtful ideas on publishing on Kindle are the theme of the interview. David’s interview was fun and I highly recommend taking a look at his blog site:

The direct URL for the interview is here: Dennis R. Blanchard interview about THREE HUNDRED ZEROES

As an author, especially if you’re an Indie author, which I suppose translates to: limited budget, interviews such as this are essential. If you have faith in your book, you’ve done your homework, and followed all of the building blocks necessary for a good reading product, then you need other authors to help your book along. As I have emphasized before, authors are not competing with each other. Authors want readers to find their books. One way that happens is when a reader reads a book (and enjoys it), their first question is usually: “Where can I find another book like this?” I get mail from readers asking that very question.

I’m a competitive person, a successful mountain bike racer. I love competition. I learned early on that writing a book is a team effort, and other authors are on your team. Recently, I was reading some reviews of books on An author there was commenting that she didn’t review books by authors in her genre because they were her “competition” and she wouldn’t want send sales away from her books. Foolish, very foolish! Those readers are thirsty for more. Maybe they didn’t read her book first, but I’ll guarantee that if they like that genre, they will come looking for her books as well. Whether they read her book first, or later, they will read it.

I love reading books about the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). The very first one I read was A WALK IN THE WOODS, by Bill Bryson. Eventually, I read every book by Bryson. None of the others were about the A.T. but, I have since read at least thirty other A.T. books, by other authors. I love them so much, I went off and hiked the A.T. myself and that led to my book about the A.T. All of this activity because Bill wrote his book. In my book, in the back, there is a section, “Other Reading Material.” It guides the reader to other books related to the same topic. Why would I not send my readers to other authors? I want them to continue their enjoyable reading experience, and I want to suggest books that I’ve read that and I think they may enjoy. It is my duty as an author to do so.

Now, I will practice what I preach. If you enjoy mystery writing, check out David’s work at Cold Reading. I think you’ll be pleased.

Dennis “K1” Blanchard


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