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Creating A Website As An Author

November 7, 2011
My name is Lisa Graves.  I am the author of Atlantis and its sequel, Stonehenge, and I am the blogmaster of the indie published book promo blog  My blog is a great resource for readers to get previews of some of the wonderful indie books that are now available.  Each week day there is a new book featured with photo, back of book synopsis, genre, length, a link to buy, and author website.  The blog has been running since July 2011.  My blog is also a great resource for indie authors to promote their book to a diverse audience.
The insight I would like to share is that I have come across many indie authors, thanks to my blog, and there are quite a few that do not have there own website.  Creating a website is no longer a difficult task that only a super tech geek can do.  There are many “Drag and Drop” type websites that will let you create your own website for free.  Two of my favorites are: and  If you are an indie author that doesn’t have a website then you are missing out on an important virtual avenue available to you to connect with your audience.
In creating my author website, I first looked at every author website I could find to get ideas on what I thought were pros and cons to the sites.  For instance, my biggest website pet peeve is when you click on the toolbar to go to the BIO for instance and the BIO page doesn’t have a toolbar.  You have to click the BACK button to return to the main page or go to any other part of the site.  Everyone is different and has a different style and taste, but EVERY author should have their own website.  If you don’t yet, be sure to check out one of the free create-your-own ones today.  You can even find many author sites to help you get an idea of what content to publish through my blog.
I wish my fellow indies the best of luck in their writing journey, and hope this helps.
Be sure to check out Atlantis”>Atlantis, my Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel.  It is a 99 cent ebook available at / / /
-Lisa Graves
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  1. Solease Barner permalink
    November 28, 2011 23:00

    Thank You so much I am just starting my writing career and your advice is truly helpful. I cannot wait to get my website. 🙂

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