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How Does An Author Write About Their Dog(s)?



I’ve written three non-fiction stories…all about dogs and I would have to say that my strategy changed for each one. For Finally Home, which is a compilation of stories about my golden retriever, Buddy, it was more like taking a trip down memory lane, recalling each instance as a timeline in my mind. I never went into adopting a dog with the idea of writing a book about him, but his comedic ways made my mind up for me.

With Final Journey, it was more of a ‘write as it happened’ type thing. Since I was experiencing the grief and knowledge that my dog was dying, I wrote my emotions down as they were happening; sort of like a healthy release. Again, I wasn’t quite sure I would make it into a book, but the more I wrote how I felt, the more that I thought about others who are going through the same thing. I figured that they would find solace in reading about similar experiences.

My third non-fiction, My Dog Does That! was more of an observation/ reminiscent type of book that doesn’t follow any timelines, but mere observations of the funny things that all dogs do without focusing on any specific one.

I suppose with each, it was an unexpected result that stemmed from true-life experiences that were itching to get onto paper.

Elizabeth Parker

Author of Finally Home, Final Journey, My Dog Does That!, Evil’s Door, Phobia and Unwanted Dreams