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Writing, A Labor Of Love

August 6, 2011

Self-publishing a book is like having a child. The year and a half I spent writing it was the longest labor any mother could go through, but the birth of my baby novel was so beautiful I would have gone back and done it all over again. The self-editing, revising, and designing the cover was another year (almost) of nurturing, babying, and clothing it. And now, the scariest, most nerve wracking, yet most exciting part of the entire process is finally letting other people read it- letting it grow into its own like any mother is forced to do with her child. I am setting my child free into a world filled with people who will love it, people who will hate it, and people who will be indifferent to it. So here I go, after almost three years of working on my first novel- my child- I am finally kicking this ungrateful kid to the curb! I love you, first book! Flourish like you never could have flourished while trapped in my computer!

My webpage with all my book information is:


Amazon’s sign up page for: THE FORTELLING

Thank you.

Sincerely, Jessica Acosta

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  1. August 6, 2011 18:33

    Jessica, I recommend that you name your book when you post…I had to go to the Web page just to find out the name of your book. I wish you well with the upcoming release.

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