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THREE HUNDRED ZEROES featured on Indie Spotlight today!

July 29, 2011

One of the things I have been emphasizing to my author friends is to spend time finding places to get the word out about your work. About six months ago I submitted my book to the Indie Spotlight site for consideration. I didn’t hold high hopes, but you can’t let the challenge hold you back, you have to try.

Today, THREE HUNDRED ZEROES is featured on their site!


They included an online interview with me and gave the book really nice coverage. My point here is that this cost me, the author, nothing but a little time and patience.

If your book is to succeed, you need to put the effort into promoting it. That effort is usually way more extensive than the actually writing of the book. I’m often asked when lecturing about writing, “How many hours a day do you spend marketing the book?” Sadly, the tone of voice that asks this question says the author isn’t interested in working at the marketing of the book. That book is doomed to failure. Today, more than ever, the author must get the word out about their work. One of my favorite quotes is by the TV chef, Emiril Lagasse, he says, “If you don’t follow your dream, who will?”


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  1. August 1, 2011 15:36

    Damn right. Great quote by the chef about who the heck else is going to follow your dream but yourself. And dream followng you have done. Golly. Come back from a sextuple bypass to finish the best and most difficult part of the Appalachian Trail. Follow that up by writing a book that stands out for its entertainment value and wittiness.

    Yet as you aptly point out. Nobody would have known just how terrific the books was had you not gone out of the box with highly effective marketing techniques. Now your book, Three Hundred Zeroes, is one of the staples of an aspiring Apalachian Trai hiker’s preparation. Congratulations. You meet the criteria of a person who should be listened to, a l E. F. Hutton.

    I plan to be tuning in to this website often to hear your latest ideas, as well as offer up some mayhem of my own.

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