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What Are Your Thoughts On Writing?

July 24, 2011

If you’re an author, published or unpublished, wanna-be author or just find the topic of writing interesting, this is your blog. If you would like to post something here about anything on the subject just click the “Comment” link at the bottom of this posting and tell me what you would like to post.

Give your name and a way that I can contact you about it.

If you’re convinced you have nothing to add to the conversation, you’re wrong. Just to plant a few “seed” ideas, here are some topics you might like to address:

  • Writers block
  • Blogs
  • How to reach potential readers
  • What has worked for you
  • Your favorite writing moments
  • Where you find inspiration
  • Getting the most from your advertising budget
  • Social networking, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, others…
  • Print vs. ebook writing
  • Dealing with politics, religion and controversy in your writing
  • Staying healthy writing (sitting too much?)
You must have an opinion on at least one of these topics? Tell us about it.
Dennis “K1” Blanchard
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  1. August 5, 2011 11:55

    If you can master the 4 elements of STORY, then you can write anything -a short story, mag article, & yes, even a novel. The classic short has 1 major obstacle to overcome. It involves a limited number of characters, occurs in 1 place & covers a limited amount of time. There is 1 narrator or point of view character & 1 major change that effects the life of the protagonist. – a tip from ADVENTURES IN WRITING – The Little Book of Inspiration, Encouragement & Creative Writing Tips by Diane E. Robertson is available on in soft cover & Kindle.

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