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How Long Before Print Books Become a Novelty?

July 19, 2011

Joe Konrath, a well known traditional writer, recently turned Indie, posted a blog piece that every writer out there needs to read. Joe makes a few predictions that are dead on. I say they’re dead on because so many of his other predictions have already come to pass.

Click here to read the Joe Konrath blog piece.

Last week I presented my thoughts on eBook writing, publishing and marketing at our local writers club, Sarasota Authors Connection. It mirrors what Joe has in this blog entry. The writing world as we know it is changing by the day, no, make that, by the hour! The current publishing world reminds me of the dilemma that New York City faced at the turn of the nineteenth century. The city was awash in horse dung. It was piled high everywhere, as were dead horse bodies and all that went with horse drawn transportation. In the midst of all this was the wagon wheel business…it was booming. Anyone that knew how to make wagon wheels for horse drawn carts was making serious money.

There were strong guilds and manufacturers were very protective of their turf. Along came the gasoline powered automobile. Inside of ten years the entire landscape changed–dramatically! Initially automobiles also used wooden wheels, but they were quickly supplanted by metal wheels. At first the wooden wheel suppliers pooh-poohed the transition and looked down their noses at the situation. After all, they had always made wooden wagon wheels, the upstarts with the noisy, smelly (horse dung wasn’t?) gasoline engines were a passing fad.

Sound familiar? We know what happened next; today there are those that still make wooden wagon wheels, but it is basically a novelty market and if Joe has it right, so will be print books.

Read his take on all this and leave a comment there, or here. I’d love to hear what you think about the future of print books and writing in general.

Dennis “K1” Blanchard

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