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Authors Keeping Track of Things

July 14, 2011

Google has a neat tool: Google Alerts. Essentially, it sniffs around the Internet constantly looking for any information you tell it to look for. Then, once a day, it sends you a mailing with the results. How can you use this? Simple. What is the title of your book? Is it unique? If so, have Alert keep an eye out for any mention of your book on the Internet (on blogs, group postings, newspaper releases etc.)

For example, my book is THREE HUNDRED ZEROES, a rather unique title, so if a newspaper mentions it, Alert lets me know. How neat is that?

You don’t want it searching common names since you may get hundreds of thousands of “hits” on that topic in a day. It doesn’t seem to look in things like’s book reviews and so on, and it only points up new stuff, it doesn’t drag up things that are already on the Internet. Find Google Alert at:


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